Does it feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Do you like to have a greater understanding of what is going on in your body?

Are you ready to access explorations to bring relief into the neck and shoulders?

Are you ready to release stress and gain more movement in your shoulders? 

Have you noticed a build up of tension in your life? 

🌟 Are you experiencing this tension in your neck and shoulders? 

🌟 It is difficult to release the sensations that arise everyday in the shoulders?

🌟 Is there a constant struggle to find time let go of the mounting shoulds in your life?

🌟 Are you struggling to figure out where to start with the release the pain in your shoulders?

An Exploration into Your Shoulders will create space to

Release of the shoulds you've been carrying in this world.

Soften the tension held so tightly in your neck and shoulders?

Teach you about the anatomy of the shoulder as we explore the bones and muscles.

Gain insight into the shoulders and move through various explorations to strengthen, stretch.

BONUS: Included in this workshop is a bonus meditation to use while enjoying a relaxation pose opening the shoulder girdle.

Note: If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher this workshop is eligible for Continued Education Credits and a Certificate will be provided upon completion.

What students have said about the Shoulder Workshop!

I just finished your workshop this morning and loved it! I personally have been having shoulder issues and been having physio for them when your workshop came across my screen. Perfect timing! I now have an even better understanding of how our shoulders work and how problems can arise. Your workshop has provided some really practical solutions to address, prevent problems and protect and strengthen our dear shoulders.This valuable information will surely help me and my students. Thank you so much! 💖 Namaste



Release the Shoulds | Shoulder Workshop

Anatomy of the Shoulder & Explorations

Join me for this 2hr workshop where will explore the anatomy of the shoulder and move through explorations of stretching, strengthening and releasing tension in the shoulders.

Hi I'm Misty,

After 20 years working in the legal field I finally realized the importance of finding time for self care. I became ill and my world turned upside down. As I recovered I began my journey to health.

Navigating health issues I began to learn more about my body and how it worked. Gaining this knowledge created space for me find ways to support myself as I was healing.

Sharing knowledge about how our bodies work and move lights me up. I truly believe the more we understand about ourselves the stronger our connection within becomes. This connection is what creates the space for us to become aware of what we need as we recover.

It is my intention to support other woman on their journey to find ways to release stress, tension and practice with mindfulness and self-awareness. Creating a safe and loving space allows women to feel supported, connected during their exploration to heal.